vacuum induction melting furnace

Numerical analysis of vacuum furnace

Magnesium smelting process conditions in order to improve and overcome many problems, funded by the Science and Technology Department of Ningxia, specialty materials laboratory material, Xi’an University of Science and west of the country to undertake special projects, self-invented the heat-type electric vacuum with metal magnesium vacuum smelting furnace technology. The technology uses a secondary energy – electric heating, heat from the reactor material inside, to avoid problems caused by pollution from fuel combustion, it is also to avoid the traditional material reduction tank many restrictions on the reduction process. In this paper, the mechanism of new technologies, core temperature vacuum furnace equipment research.

Vacuum continuous brazing furnace

Amazing Vacuum Furnaces

Around 500 to 525 single chamber vacuum furnaces are manufactured annually worldwide. Approximately 15 multi-chamber systems are sold annually with ±90 chambers, plus 35 custom-made vacuum chambers, such as double chambers and special purpose furnaces. Most, if not all, vacuum furnaces are manufactured in these 12 countries: China, U.S.,