High Vacuum Sintering Furnace

The main purpose of vacuum sintering furnace and the method of vacuum leak detection equipment

Induction heating sintering furnace shows the effect of sintering furnace sintering mainly plays: press-molded powder material at high temperature below the melting point, by body mutual adhesion between the particles and mass transfer, so that the pores excluded, volume shrinkage, strength is improved, the process of becoming a certain geometry and strength.

Vertical type vacuum heatreatment furnace

Vacuum annealing methods by vacuum furnace

Vacuum annealing methods by vacuum furnace The main purpose of the force relaxation annealing, clear that the residual stress resulting from forging, casting, machining, or on welding, residual stress often leads to artifacts such reduced strength, durable deformation, and toughness, ductility have an adverse effect, and therefore annealing for relaxation force longitude demanding workpiece size,…

Vacuum Tempering Furnace

Vacuum Metallurgy

Vacuum metallurgy involves the design and supply of systems and processes for treating metals in liquid form – particularly vacuum systems for the melting,remelting and casting of metals and alloys, metals for solar cells, as well as special coating equipment for turbine blades.