Vacuum induction vapor deposition furnace which is suitable for vapor deposition method of carbon – carbon composites, such as for airplane brake and sintering hard metal product,carbonization and high temperature heat treatment equipment carbide products,which are the essential equipment for scientific research institutions, production of aviation, aerospace materials.Working principle:under vacuum or protective atmosphere,medium frequency induction method to heat the graphite crucible by the induction heating coil, carbon – carbon composite material inside the crucible at a certain vacuum degree reaching to a predetermined temperature and inflating the diluted hydrocarbon gas,from where the  carbon-containing gas after decomposition of active genes material can be deposited on the work piece surface.

Vertical Style,Assembled by furnace body,graphite heaters; vacuum system; gas supply system; gas flow control device ,SCR power regulator; automatic control system; automatic recording device; work platform; dust filtration system;water cooling system and other components.

1. High automatic, it can be fully automation with the furnace model simulation display and real-time display device when running. It can be equipped with PLC controller and human-machine interface control system.
2.Very safe, using PLC to achieve security chain, with sound-light alarm when over-temperature, sensor burnout, over pressure of furnace and     water, water flow, water temperature is too high .
3 It can be equipped with a built-in or external fast-cooling system,improving the working efficiency
4.Advanced temperature, vacuum detection instruments and sensor components to ensure reliability of the equipment
5.Using mass flow controllers which can be accurately control the various flow, using pressure regulating valve to realize the dynamic control of atmosphere pressure in the furnace, and processing chemical vapor deposition under monitoring conditions
6.Special dust filter can effectively protect the vacuum pump, extending the pump life.

vapor indexof vacuum induction vapor deposition furnace

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