First, pressed and form the consumable electrode by sponge titanium or sponge titanium with a small amount of alloy as the raw material, Clamp the the consumable electrode to the electrode(as the DC power negative pole ),which will be with the water-cooled copper crucible(DC power positive pole ) generating the electric arc, By which heat melt the electrode.
The melten electrode, form of droplets, goes to the crucible as the molten pool.The surface of the molten pool is heated by the arc,it is always in the liquid state.But the bottom and the surroundings generate a bottom-up crystallization process by the forced cooling.
Then uninterruptedly in the right speed to lower the electrode to make sure the arc melting process going on,at the same time, solidification of the liquid titanium on the wall of the crucible is a thin “skull”,which can protect the titanium liquid from the contamination and heat insulation of the crucible material.
When the molten pool to achieve the required amount of casting amount ,then stop turning the crucible and pouring it into the mold, forming the casting work piece.


Induction Vacuum Consumable Electrode Skull Furnace

Furnace Picture:


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