Aluminum vacuum brazing furnace with advanced structure design, heating elements along the heating chamber 360 degrees evenly arranged around the circle, high temperature uniformity. The furnace takes use of high power high speed vacuum pumping unit.
Recovery vacuum time is short. Partition temperature control,small workpiece deformation, high production efficiency. low cost aluminum vacuum brazing furnace,mechanical action is stable and reliable, easy operation, flexible programming input. Control it manual / semi-automatic / automatic control, automatic fault alarm / display. To meet typical parts of the vacuum brazing and quenching requirements of the aforementioned materials. Aluminum vacuum brazing furnace should have the international advanced level of reliable fully automated control, monitoring, tracking and self-diagnosis functions.Energy-saving brazing furnace, the welding temperature below 700 degrees, no pollution, ideal salt bath brazing replacement.

Application field:
aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers, automotive radiators, automotive air conditioning evaporator condenser, radar network antenna and waveguide aluminum brazing products.

No pollution brazing furnace, no flux brazing, no pores, slag, saving energy and so on.
The equipment adopts the external circulation cooling method, the heating and the cooling are separated.
Insulation with all metal screen, to ensure high vacuum during the workpiece brazing.
Heating the use of multi-zone temperature control heating, to ensure good temperature uniformity within the temperature zone.

Selection reference
With horizontal vacuum brazing furnace and vertical two types of brazing furnace structure. At the same time it can be customized non-standard aluminum vacuum brazing furnace.

Aluminum Vacuum Brazing Furnace

Furnace Picture:


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