Three Chambers Vacuum Continuous Brazing Furnace is applied for brazing of copper, Ni, gold, stainless steel, high-temp alloy, especially heat-resistant alloy with large content of Al and Ti; it is also used for brazing of congeneric refractory metals or heterogeneous metals, such as Ti, Zr, Ni, Mo. During the brazing process under vacuum condition, there is no oxidation, no pollution, no air hole, no slag inclusion or corrosion. There is little deformation for the welded work pieces. Multiple-pass weld and multiple components can be completed at the same time, so it is high-efficiency. The main type of High temperature brazing furnace including vertical, horizontal, up-sliding, bottom-sliding and other forms.

This type vacuum furnace is widely applied for Aluminum products soldering, for example Aluminum plate fin heat exchanger, auto radiator, auto air conditioning evaporator and condenser, radar antenna and waveguide tube. It features no oxidation, no weld flux, no pollution, no air hole and energy saving. It is desirable alternative equipment for salt bath soldering.

Three Chambers Vacuum Brazing Furnace

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