vacuum dewaxing sintering furnace mainly used in the bast stainless steel ,hard alloy, high temperature alloy, high proportion alloy,metal ceramics, magnetic materials, carbide boride, oxide and inter metallic compounds, oxide sintered in vacuum or carrier gas absorbent (wax) and high temperature sintering.

In the same furnace, it can be achieved continuous and sintering of two production processes. With the furnace of debinding and sintering ,exempt products repeatedly shifting , heating and cooling improve product quality, shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency.

Special debinding sealing furnace and grease trap to reduce the internal wall of the vacuum furnace, heat shield and the heating body pollution, skim and fat more effective, special sealing furnace is to improve the temperature uniformity in the furnace .
Directional air flow, strength the effect of the grease, and more thoroughly, it can be constant pressure sintering to achieve the suppression of metal evaporation, improving product density and quality.


Vacuum Debinding Sintering Furnace

Furnace Picture:

Vacuum Debinding Sintering Furnace

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