SIMUWU vacuum diffusion welding furnace is mainly used for metal materials diffusion welding, ceramic materials diffusion welding.
Vacuum diffusion welding furnace is a large-scale heat treatment equipment, can be compiled a number of different procedures, can be controlled and programmed into the hundreds of heat treatment curve points distributed in six temperature zone,vacuum brazing, vacuum annealing, vacuum aging and other processing can be performed. There are multi-point and single-point temperature recorder and over-temperature protection equipment,temperature balance can be controlled within a constant temperature range,reproduced with high-purity nitrogen high-flow strong cold equipment.

Insulation screen has two layers of molybdenum, four layers of stainless steel composed of all-metal radiation screen structure. Heating element for the wide molybdenum belt, along the walls around the uniform layout, in order to ensure temperature uniformity.
Pressure device has hydraulic station, cylinder, head, load cell, pressure controller and pressure bracket composition,which can achieve hydraulic pressure protection, pressure setting control.
The electronic control system adopts the PLC and the programmable temperature controller to realize the automatic, semi-automatic and manual control modes, and the operation is flexible.

Vacuum Diffusion Welding furnace

Furnace Picture:


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