High vacuum hydrogen furnace is mainly used for vacuum tempering of materials like tool steel, die steel, high-speed steel, ultra-strength steel, stainless steel after vacuum quenching and solution treatment. It is also for re-crystallization annealing and vacuum aging of non-ferrous metal under hydrogen gas condition.

Technical Features
1. The furnace is horizontal, single chamber, horizontally loading structure. The way of opening door is optional according to customer’s requirement.
2. Furnace hearth: Furnace temperature uniformity is good.
3. Completely metal heatshield and backwards insolation technology.
4. Various working condition: Positive Hydrogen gas, Vacuum hydrogen, Impulse type hydrogen gas

Optional Configuration of High Vacuum Tempering Furnace
1. Furnace door: On-line/off-line, vertical up and down, rotating
2. Furnace hearth: Graphite heating elements and graphite felt heat insulation/Molybdenum heating element and metal heat insulation
3. Vacuum pump and gauge: Foreign brand/high-quality Chinese brand to create high vacuum or medium vacuum condition
3. PLC: OMRON/Siemens/Mitsubishi
4. Temperature controller: SHIMADEN/EUROTHERM/Honeywell
5. Thermocouple: S type, K type, N type
6. Recorder: Paperless recorder/paper recorder
7. HMI: Simulation screen/Touch screen
8. Electric components: High-quality domestic brand/Schneider/Siemens
9. Mass flow meter:Seven Star/CKD Japan

Vacuum hydrogen furnace

Furnace Picture:

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