vacuum heat treatment application

Vacuum Brazing Furnace and It’s Application Characteristics

Vacuum heat treatment furnace and vacuum heat treatment furnace resistance furnace, salt furnace heat treatment furnace compared to other systems technology,vacuum  furnace  it has great advantages:
(1) having no oxidation, decarburization, no carburizing, vacuum degassing and other advantages. Can achieve bright quenching, the workpiece or product handling only good surface quality, but also improve the toughness and thermal fatigue resistance:
(2) vacuum heat treatment and pollution-free, pollution-free, no sewage, sewage gas processing, especially to avoid volatilization and emission r bath heaters and other gas, is conducive to improving the working environment and workers’ health.
(3) vacuum brazing furnace use more computer-controlled, the degree of automation. Process repeatability, stable heat treatment quality, greatly reducing the operator’s labor intensity and improve labor productivity
(4) vacuum heat treatment deformation is small, easy to produce cracking, for complex parts and large complex molds and other heat treatment can achieve the finished or small allowance heat treatment can improve the quality and grades.