Vacuum Heat Treating Furnaces Technology(1) strictly vacuum seal: all the known, vacuum heat treatment of metal parts are conducted in airtight vacuum furnace, thus, gain and maintain the gas leakage rate was due to the stove, ensure vacuum degree of vacuum furnace, and to ensure the quality of the parts of the vacuum heat treatment has very important significance. Therefore, a key problem of vacuum heat treatment furnace is to have a reliable vacuum seal structure. Vacuum performance, in order to ensure that the vacuum furnace in vacuum heat treatment furnace structure design must follow a basic principle, is the furnace should use airtight welding, at the same time as little as possible to open or not open hole in the furnace body, less use or avoid use dynamic seal structure, to minimize the vacuum leak. The parts and accessories installed on the vacuum furnace, such as water-cooled electrodes and thermocouple export devices, must also design the sealing structure.

Vacuum Heat Treating Furnaces Technology

(2) most heating and insulation material can only be used in the vacuum state, vacuum heat treatment furnace heating and insulation lining is working under vacuum and high temperature, thus put forward to the material resistant to high temperature, low steam, radiation effect is good, small coefficient of thermal conductivity. The resistance to oxidation is not high. Therefore, the vacuum heat treatment furnace is widely used for heating and insulating materials such as tantalum, tungsten, molybdenum and graphite. These materials are easily oxidized in the atmosphere, so conventional heat treatment furnaces cannot use these heating and insulation materials.

(3) water cooling device, the furnace shell of the vacuum heat treatment furnace, the conduction of the furnace cover, the conduction of the electric heating element (water-cooled electrode), the middle vacuum insulated hot, etc., all work in the vacuum and heat condition. In this extremely unfavorable condition work, must ensure the structure of each component is not deformed, does not damage, the vacuum sealing ring does not overheat, does not burn. Therefore, the components should be equipped with water cooling devices according to different conditions to ensure that the vacuum heat treatment furnace can operate normally and have sufficient service life.

(4) with low voltage large current: in vacuum container, really a lxlo degrees with a few empty – 1 when the scope of the vacuum container under high voltage electric conductor, glow discharge is produced. In the vacuum heat treatment furnace, the serious can produce arc light discharge, burn the electric heating element, the heat insulation layer and so on, cause the major accident and the loss. Therefore, the working voltage of the heating element in the vacuum heat treatment furnace is generally not more than 80 100 volts. In the electric heating element structure design at the same time to take effective measures, such as to avoid a sophisticated components, the spacing between the electrode cannot be too narrow, preventing the occurrence of glow discharge and arc discharge.

(5) high degree of automation: the degree of automation of vacuum heat treatment furnace is higher because of the operation of metal workpiece heating and cooling, which requires a dozen or even dozens of actions to complete. These actions are carried out within the vacuum heat treatment furnace and the operators are unable to approach. At the same time, some actions, such as the heating and heat preservation, the metal workpiece shall be hardened by six or six motions and should be completed within 15 seconds. In such a rapid condition to complete many actions, it is very easy to cause the operator’s tension and constitute misoperation. Therefore, only the higher order of the eye movement can be accurate and timely in accordance with the program.