High Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace is used in copper alloy, stainless steel, high temperature alloy, heat resistance alloy vacuum brazing process, also it is used in refractory alloys and dissimilar metals which contain Ti, Zr, niobium, Mo elements vacuum brazing process. It is widely used in EGR cooler, diamond cutting tool,  Fe-Cr-Al alloy, plate-fin heat exchangers, oil cooler brazing process.
During brazing process, work pieces under vacuum atmosphere or protection atmosphere condition, this process can achieve no oxidation, tiny deformation, no air hole, no flux slag, bright surface, no pollution advantages.
The control system of vacuum furnace was controlled by PLC; temperature was controlled by intelligent temp controller, accurate control, and high automation. User can choose auto or manual undisturbed switching to operate it; this furnace has abnormal condition alarming function, easy to operate.

High temperature high vacuum brazing furnace

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