Vacuum Induction High Temperature Graphite Furnace adopts the medium frequency induction heating principle in a vacuum or inert gas conditions by allowing the induction coil generating an alternating magnetic field, and then the graphite crucible and the induction coil generates eddy currents were self-heating.Graphite crucible is to produce high temperature and make radiation to the workpiece to reach the desired temperature.Applications :sintering process for carbon materials, carbon fiber and other composite materials graphitization. Feature :
1.High automatic, it can be fully automation with the furnace model simulation display and real-time display device when running. It can be equipped with PLC controller and human-machine interface control system.
2.Very safe, using PLC to achieve security chain, with sound-light alarm when over-temperature, sensor burnout, over pressure of furnace and water, water flow, water temperature  is too high .
3.It can be equipped with a built-in or external fast-cooling system,improving the working efficiency
4.Advanced temperature, vacuum detection instruments and sensor components to ensure reliability of the equipment
5.Energy-saving, special made coil and insulation structure, power output stability, high electrical efficiency.

Vacuum Induction High Temperature Graphite Furnace

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